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Cali, Colombia

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Derbies, local derbies and rivalries. tells you everything there is to know about the best football matches. is not just about the famous derbies in Glasgow, Manchester, London, Rome or Milan. Also less known derbies, local derbies and rivalries like for example Esteghlal - Perspolis (Iran) and South Melbourne - Melbourne Knights (Australia) are featured on

A matches doesn't have to be a derby for it to be something special. The rivalry between teams like for example Barcelona - Real Madrid, Ajax - Feyenoord or Paris St. Germain - Olympique Marseille are also mentioned on When some of these rivals meet the atmosphere is equal to any derby match.

Matches mentioned on :

 Grasshoppers - FC Zurich (Zurcher Derby) Switzerland

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
Zurich's Stadtderby is one of the oldest football derbies outside Great Britain. The first time it was played out was on 20 November 1897. Ever since there have been over 200 matches. Traditionally Grasshopper Club was known more as the noble and middle-class club, while FC Zurich was the club for the working men. But nowadays these social differences have nearly vanished.

 Ipswich Town - Norwich City (East Anglia Derby) England

Honours | Stadium | FAQ | Reports | 
You wouldn't expect a big derby in the 'rich' south east of England but Ipswich vs. Norwich is among the best in the country. Although both clubs are about 40 miles apart teh fans experience it as a real intense derby.

 Wisla Krakow - Cracovia Krakow (Swieta Wojna (The Holy War)) Poland

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
Wisla and Cracovia are two oldest clubs in Poland. Both have supporters amongst all social classes. Wisla has had a lot more success and money to spend (not as much as 'army' club Legia Warsaw but more than Cracovia), especially during communist times. The original nicknames of the clubs are "Pasy" (Stripes) for Cracovia and "Biala Gwiazda" (White Star) for Wisla.

 Apoel Nicosia - Omonia Nicosia Cyprus

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
When you see the honours list it shows that these are by far the two most successful clubs in Cyprus. There are some political differences between the clubs: Apoel respresents the political right while Omonia is more left wing orientated.

 Sporting Lisbon - Porto Portugal

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
When these two of the 'big 3' in Portugal meet it's maybe not so passionate as the games with Benfica, but still it's a game filled with passion.

 Palmeiras - Corinthians (O Derby) Brazil

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
When the Italian clubs Torino and Pro Vercelli visited Brazil in 1914, a group of Italians who lived in São Paulo decided to found an Italian club to practice sports (football and basketball). This club was named Palestra Itália. These Italians used to be members of Corinthians but from that moment they became the "betrayers". Palestra (Palmeiras) and Corinthians divided the fans and the honours in São Paulo and that's how the match became "The Derby".

 Vasco da Gama - Flamengo (Classico dos Milhoes) Brazil

Honours | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
Vasco and Flamengo have the biggest fanbase in Rio de Janeiro and therefore millions (milhões) of people follow this match with special interest. Vasco da Gama played for the first time in the 1st Division of the Rio de Janeiro Championship in 1923. In those days Vasco was the only club in Rio that allowed black members. The rich people clubs (Flamengo, Fluminense and Botafogo) didn't like this and especially when Vasco won their first match against Flamengo, the rivalry began ...

 Lyn - Valerenga (The Oslo Derby) Norway

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
Valerenga is from the East of Oslo and Lyn is from the West of the city. Lyn has traditionally been an middle/upper class club while Valerenga has been more of a working class club. For many years the two clubs were in different divisions so the derby hasn't been played between 1981 and 2002.

 Wydad - Raja (The Casablanca Derby) Morocco

Honours | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
This is the event of the eyar in Casablanca as both clubs have many fans. Many see this as the biggest derby of the whole Maghreb. Wydad (also known as Widad or WAC) means 'Love' and Raja (also known as Rajah or RCA) means 'Hope'. These two teams have dominated the Moroccan League for years.

 Olympiakos Piraeus - Panathinaikos (Derby of the 'Eternal Enemies') Greece

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
This is the derby between the 'eternal enemies' of Greek football (and other sports) and the most classic match of the capital. In the past Olympiakos Piraeus used to represent the working class while Panathinaikos respresented the upper class of Athens. Now the situation has changed. The fanbases of both the clubs are almost similar and they are supported by strong economical and political groups.

 Dinamo Bucharest - Steaua Bucharest (Marele Derby (The Great Derby)) Romania

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
This is the biggest of many derbies in the city of Bucharest. In the communist period, until 1989, FC Steaua had support from the Ministry of Defence while Dinamo was supported by the Ministry of Police. So in some way, it's Army vs. Police. Steaua had the support of the Ceausescu family as well.

 Sevilla FC - Betis Sevilla (The Seville Derby (El Gran Derbi)) Spain

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
This is probably the biggest city derby in Spain. In the last decade, fans of both clubs even celebrated their own team's defeat that caused the relegation of the other.

 West Ham United - Millwall FC England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | Shop | 
This is definitely one of the most bitter rivalries in England, even though the two have rarely been in the same division at the same time. In the 20’s there was a rivalry between 2 shipyards, on either side of the Thames. The Millwall, London and Surrey docks, were Millwall and the Royal docks were west Ham and it was an excuse for a tear up. The 1926 strike took things on to a whole new level when West Ham were on strike and Millwall carried on working. They were rivals before a football had been kicked between them. Both clubs originated in East London, but Millwall FC moved to the other side of the Thames (South London) in 1910.

 Vardar Skopje - Sloga J. Skopje Macedonia

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
This is a rivalry based on an ethnic basis because the majority of the fans of Vardar are Macedonians (Christians) while Sloga is supported mostly by the Albanians (Muslims).

 Santa Fe - Millonarios (El Clasico Capitalino) Colombia

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
This is a match between two of the great teams of football loving Colombia. Both are among the most successful clubs of the country. They probably hate America and Nacional more but the derby is important as this match decides who's the best club of the capital. Millonarios was originally founded as Municipal in 1938. It's supporters are mostly upper class located on the northern part of Bogota. Santa Fe was founded 3 years later and it has it's support in the southern and more traditional part of Bogota.

 Esteghlal - Perspolis (The Teheran Derby) Iran

Honours | Results | Stadium | FAQ | Reports | 
This derby is by many seen as the biggest in the whole Middle East and Asia. The rivalry goes back to the time of the Shah. The two teams represented the lower class people (Perspolis) and the king and the elite of the society (Esteghlal).

 Zeljeznicar - FK Sarajevo (The Sarajevo Derby) Bosnia & Herz.

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
This derby is being played from 1946 when both teams played in the former Yugoslavian league. Ever since this is the biggest football derby in Bosnia and possibly one of the biggest in South Eastern Europe.

 Gremio - Internacional (Classico Gre-Nal) Brazil

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
They are the only big teams from Porto Alegre and the people are really passionate for one of the biggest derbies in Brazil. Gremio used to be the upper class team because it used to forbide negroes in its teams until the fifties, while Internacional accepted the first negro player in the twenties. Gremio (blue) is also called "Tricolor" (three coloured). Inter (red) is called "Colorado".

 Sporting Braga - Vitoria Guimaraes (Minho Derby) Portugal

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
The two neighbouring Northern towns enjoy a traditional and fierce rivalry. The pride of the north is at stake.

 Saprissa - Alajuelense (Saprissa – La Liga) Costa Rica

Honours | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The two biggest clubs of the country are involved in this always exciting encounter.

 Steaua Bucharest - Rapid Bucharest Romania

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The Steaua fans see the fans of Rapid as gypsies (tigani) and therefore the whole match is overwhelmed by this kind of racism. Like their fans, both chairmen don't get along as well which doesn't help improve the relation between both clubs.

 Botev Plovdiv - Lokomotiv Plovdiv (The Plovdiv Derby) Bulgaria

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The second largest city of Bulgaria hosts a very passionate derby. Botev is one of the oldest teams in Bulgaria while Lokomotiv especially increased it's popularity in the 70's. Both clubs have fans among all social classes (especially since the political changes in Eastern Europe) but the majority of the Lokomotiv supporters used to be from the lower classes. Botev Plovdiv used to be the favorite of the middle and upper class.

 Schalke 04 - Borussia Dortmund (Kohlenpott derby) Germany

Honours | Results | Stadium | FAQ | Reports | 
The Ruhr area (also called 'das Ruhrgebiet' or 'der Kohlenpott') is home of the most famous derby in German football.

 Ruch Chorzow - Gornik Zabrze (The Great Derby of Silesia (Wielkie derby)) Poland

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
The Ruch Chorzow - Gornik Zabrze derby is one of most important games in Silesia and in Poland. Both teams have a stunning history of great players, fans and results in the league (both have won a record total of 14 championships). In the communist era these games attracted over 100.000 spectators! At first sight the Katowice area seems to be one huge town of about 3,5 million inhabitants but actually it are 14 different cities. All the games between the Silesian teams are derbies, but this is the only one known as "The Great Derby of Silesia" : Wielkie Derby!

 Maccabi Haifa - Hapoel Haifa (The Haifa Derby) Israel

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The rivalry was especially strong in the 90's when both teams were fighting for the championship.

 Paris St. Germain - Olympique Marseille France

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
The rivalry was created in the early 90's, when OM was dominating the championship and TV channel Canal+ bought PSG and made it a big team. Also off the pitch it's a hugh match as there has always been some kind of aversion towards Paris especially from the South of France.

 Shamrock Rovers - Bohemians Ireland

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The rivalry came about in the early 1970's. Rovers are based on the southside of Dublin, while Bohemians are playing on the northside of the city. They are on the opposite side's of the River Liffey.

 Djurgardens IF - Hammarby Sweden

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
The rivalry between these two clubs is rising more and more. Djurgården is the name of an area in Stockholm where a big zoo is located and therefore the Hammerby fans call them 'Monkees' and throw bananas on the pitch.

 Universidad Catolica - Universidad de Chile (El Clasico Universitario) Chile

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The rivalry between the 2 universities unfolded when Universidad Católica was formed in 1937. Some students from the Club Universitario left the club to create Club Deportivo Universidad Católica. The Clasico Universitario was the most important rivalry in Chile until the beginning of the 70's. From that time Colo Colo started to win a lot of titles while La U and Catolica experienced some tough times. Fans generally come from all walks of life but La Catolica has a reputation for being elitist and the team of the rich and their stadium is located in the richest part of Santiago (las condes).

 Espanyol - Barcelona (El Derbi BarcelonÍ) Spain

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
The rivalry between Barça (short for FC Barcelona) and RCD Espanyol is far more important for Espanyol fans than for the Barça fans, who consider Real Madrid as their main rivals. The rivalry used to be a clash between "Catalanism vs Spanishness" as Barça is a major symbol of Catalonia while "Espanyol" means "Spanish". Over the last years the derby is less political as Espanyol translated its official name and anthem from Spanish to Catalan.

 Nottingham Forest - Notts County (The Nottingham Derby) England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The oldest league football club in the world (Notts County) is part of the oldest (probably ?!) derby in the world. Altough it's a match with a lot of tradition it has lost a bit of it's glory due to the sportive distance between the two clubs nowadays.

 CSKA Sofia - Levski Sofia (The Sofia Derby) Bulgaria

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The names of the clubs already show the differences (poor/blue/liberal vs. rich/red/communist) altough this is outdated now. In the past CSKA fans were people from intelectual elite whereas Levski had a support among Sofia suburbs. Nowadays both clubs have supporters in all social groups. Levski is named after Bulgarian national hero and revolutioner Vasil Levski. CSKA was founded as the Central Sport Klub of the bulgarian Army while levski was ruled by the Ministries of Information and Industry. The derby of Sofia is not just the biggest derby in Bulgaria, many see this match as the biggest derby in the whole Balkan region.

 Velez Mostar - Zrinjski Mostar (The Mostar Derby) Bosnia & Herz.

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
The Mostar derby is special because of it's political and national tensions. Mostar was in war in the near past, and in that war Zrinjski (West Mostar) and Velez (East Mostar) were on different sides. The wounds of the war are still fresh which might be the reason why this derby is always accompanied by riots and violence.

 Saint Etienne - Olympique Lyon France

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The most authentic derby in France. A 'real' local derby with true hate between the citizens of both cities. Rich merchant city (Lyon) vs poor working class coal mine city (St.Etienne). Only 50 kilometers separate Lyon and St. Etienne so each match they fight for local supremacy. Saint Etienne tries to defend its glorious past as Lyon tries to make history in France and Europe nowadays.

 Everton - Liverpool FC (The Merseyside derby) England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | Shop | 
The Merseyside derby is being played since 1894 and sometimes this match is also referred to as 'The Friendly Derby'. It's for example not very rare to have reds as well as blues in the same family.

 FC Copenhagen - Brondby IF (The Copenhagen Derby) Denmark

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The matches between Brondby and FC Kopenhagen might be decisive in the race for the championship as they are the most succesful clubs in Denmark. Brondby is from the working-class suburbs south of the city and was the first club to turn professional in 1985. FCK was founded in 1992 (fusion of KB and B 1903) and quickly gathered a big crowd as their stadium is located in the center of Copenhagen. Traditionally Brondby was known as a very social club while FC Kopenhagen was more of a business men's football club.

 Ajax - Feyenoord (De Klassieker) Netherlands

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | City | Shop | 
The matches between Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV are also known as 'Klassiekers'. Despite the results of PSV Eindhoven in recent years Ajax-Feyenoord is the most important 'Klassieker' in The Netherlands. Unlike PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord are teams from two of the biggest cities in Holland with a long history and fans all over the country.

 PAOK Saloniki - Olympiakos Piraeus (Derby between the North and the South) Greece

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The match PAOK - Olympiakos is a match between the two most popular clubs of the two biggest cities in Greece. The rich Olympiakos from Athens/Piraeus against the popular team of PAOK from the city of Thessaloniki in the poor north. PAOK fans consider Olympiakos as their worst enemy and they hate the club of Piraeus more than they hate their town rivals, Aris. The whole story began in the 60's when the all-time best player of PAOK, Giorgos Koudas, decided to move to Olympiakos.

 Atletico Nacional - Independiente Medellin (Clasico de la montana) Colombia

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The match is called the derby of the mountains because the city of Medellin is known as the city of the mountains. Independiente Medellin is generally supported by the lower class people while Nacional has support in almost all social classes.

 West Bromwich Albion - Aston Villa England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
The main rival of West Brom is Wolverhampton and the main rival of Aston Villa is Birmingham City. Still, the West Brom vs. Aston Villa is a very heated match. Villa has the biggest ground in the region and it had it's succes in the past. For the other clubs in the Midlands this is reason enough to not be 'friends' with them. Aston Villar is also closer to West Brom than Birmingham City which adds to the rivalry.

 Benfica - Sporting Lisbon (O Classico) Portugal

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The Lisbon derby (Derby da Capital) is the biggest match in Portugal. It's a match between two clubs with great history and very big throphy rooms.

 Hajduk Split - Dinamo Zagreb (The Eternal Derby (Vjeèni derbi)) Croatia

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The first match between these two teams was played in 1946. Dinamo is also called Zagreb's Blues or Blue Lions. Both teams belong to the strongest in Croatia and have very strong support groups (BBB for Dynamo and Torcida for Hajduk).

 Hearts - Hibernian (The Edinburgh Derby) Scotland

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
The first Hearts-Hibs was played on Christmas day 1875 (Hearts won 1-0) which makes this one of the oldest derbies in the world. Hibs, like Celtic, have their origins in Ireland, although they are not as open about it as Celtic. Hearts have adopted a protestant stance but although this is a very passionate affair the Edinburgh derby has none of the sectarianism associated with the Glasgow derby.

 LKS Lodz - Widzew Lodz (The Lodz Derby) Poland

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The derby of the textile-workers city Lodz excites entire Poland since the beginning of the eighties. In short time it has become one of the greatest derbies in the country (fans of both sides claim the greatest). LKS is the oldest club of Lodz and before second World War it was much more popular than Widzew, which was only a small club of workers from one of city districts. In the eighties and nineties Widzew became one of the best teams in Poland and it gained popularity not only in Lodz but also in other parts of the country. Because of that LKS fans calls their rivals "peasants". However, nowadays both clubs have comparable amount of support in all social classes in Lodz.

 Barcelona SC - Emelec (El Clasico del Astillero) Ecuador

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
The Derby of the shipyard (Guayaquil is traditionally the main port of Ecuador) is the derby between the biggest teams from Guayaquil, which is the largest city of Ecuador. Emelec was founded by George Capwell who was one of the owners of a large power plant in the city. Therefore in the early days Emelec was seen as the rich team. The two teams always fight for the championship.

 Penarol - Nacional Montevideo (El Super Clasico) Uruquay

Honours | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The derby of Montevideo is a good competitor in the 'oldest derby' and 'biggest thropy room' competition. These are the two most honoured clubs in Uruguay. Together they have won 85 Uruguayan Leagues and 8 Copa Libertadores.

 FC Nantes - Stade Rennes (Derby Breton) France

Honours | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The derby of Brittany is really a contradiction in terms. Nantes was once the capital of the state and Rennes, if you look at it geographically, is the pumping heart. Many arguments arise in the Breton region before the derby (people from Rennes will say nantes isn't even in Brittany), but non more so than 'which city is the real capital of Brittany?'.

 Ferencvaros - Ujpest (The Budapest Derby) Hungary

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The derby between Budapest's two most popular teams is the major derby of Hungary. Although the crowds arent't too big lately, it's a very intense derby. Ferencváros (shortly called Fradi) is the club with the biggest support in the country but also Ujpest has a large fanbase. Both clubs are named after the Budapest districts they play in. In the past Ferencváros had a bit more support from the middle and upper class while Ujpest traditionally was the working-class club.

 Sao Paulo - Palmeiras (Choque Rei) Brazil

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
The club Palmeiras was mostly founded by Italian imigrants while Sao Paulo was born after the fusion of some Brazilian clubs. During the early 40's Sao Paulo represented the Paulista feeling against the dictatorship in Brazil. Palmeiras, that used to be called Palestra Italia, was forced to change its name so that it wouldn't be linked to any country that was taking part in world war II. Palestra Itália had to change its name to Palmeiras one day before the Paulista championship final of 1942 against São Paulo and they also accused Sao Paulo FC of being one of the responsibles for the pressure that they were suffering.

 Barcelona - Real Madrid (El Clasico (El Derby Espanol)) Spain

Honours | Results | Stadium | FAQ | Reports | Shop | 
The capital of Catalonia vs. The capital of Spain meet at least twice a year in 'El Clasico'. Catalonia is a region in the east of Spain which feels independent and one of the ways in which it expresses that is through it’s football club FC Barcelona. Between World War II and the dictator’s death in 1975, Franco’s regime suppressed the use of the Catalan language and the show of Catalan symbols. Franco’s favorites Real Madrid against the blaugrana from Barcelona is more than just a match between the two biggest clubs in Spain.

 Al Ahly - Zamalek (The Cairo Derby) Egypt

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
The Cairo derby is played between two of Africa's most successful clubs, Al Ahly and Zamalek. They both belong to the best clubs in entire Africa. Al Ahly was named Africa's club of the century in 2000. The rivalry between the clubs is so strong that foreign referees are always brought in for the derby games.

 San Lorenzo - Huracan Argentina

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
The Buenos Aires district of Boedo vs. Parque Patricios. Boedo (San Lorenzo) is an older/poor part of the city. The Parque Patricios (Huracan) is more modern but also industrial so both districts belong to the working-class.

 Fenerbahce - Galatasaray Turkey

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
The Bosphorus sea strait separates the city of Istanbul in an European side and an Asian side. Galatasaray was founded by students of the galatasaray lycee and is on the European side. Fenerbahce is on the Asian side and has a largely working class following. The club used to be the people's club while Galatasaray was supported by the rich and famous. Nowadays Fenerbahce also has the (financial) support of some very rich fans.

 Kapaz - Neftci Azerbaijan

Honours | Results | Stadium | FAQ | Reports | 
The biggest rivalry in Azerbaijan is a West vs. East rivalry between one of the oldest cities (Ganja) against the Capital (Baku). Kapaz and Neftci are both clubs with history and success. In the West region Kapaz is the biggest team while Neftci is the big team from the East.

 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Maribor Slovenia

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The biggest match in Slovenia is played between NK Olimpija Ljubljana and NK Maribor. It's the capital (Ljubljana) from West Slovenia against the second largest city (Maribor) from the East.

 NEC Nijmegen - Vitesse Arnhem (De Gelderse Derby) Netherlands

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
The biggest derby in the east of The Netherlands (Gelderland) is played between the teams from Nijmegen and Arnhem. The cities are close to each other (15 km.) and since Vitesse became succesful in the early nineties the hate between the two sides got stronger. Arnhem used to be the city of the rich elite while Nijmegen was built by hard working factory men. NEC was founded by the people from the factories while Vitesse started as a cricketclub.

 Atletic Bilbao - Real Sociedad Spain

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
The Basque derby is played in a friendly atmosphere because the two Basque clubs hate Spain (Madrid) more than they hate each other. There is some animosity though because until today Bilbao refuses to play with non-Basque players. Sociedad let go of this tought and now playes with foreigners and worse, players from Spain!

 Stoke City - Port Vale (The Potteries derby) England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
Stoke City is the second oldest league club in England (behind Notts County) and they had some small success in the 70's. Because of this they are the 'big' club in town. Most of their history they played in higher leagues than their city rivals Port Vale and they had most of the local support. During the 1990's Port Vale was promoted to the English First Division which made derby matches possible again. The matches are among the most tensed in the country and you can expect some serious disorder on a Stoke-on-Trent derby day.

 Southampton - Portsmouth (The South Coast Derby) England

Honours | Results | Stadium | FAQ | Reports | City | 
Southampton and Portsmouth are separated by hundreds of years of inter-city conflict. The bad feeling between the clubs, who have met relatively few times, is a reflection of history. From the twelfth century onwards until 1835, Southampton officially owned the port of Portsmouth, which led to constant disputes over who controlled trade in the docks. Therefore the animosity between the two cities is one that stretches back for almost 800 years. The ill-feeling between Southampton and Portsmouth stems more from civic rivalry than from any true animosity between the clubs.

 Sturm Graz - Grazer AK Austria

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
SK Sturm is seen as the "working-class" club while GAK has more of their support in the upper class (politicians). Until 35 years ago only clubs from Vienna were allowed to play in the first league. Since 1965 SK Sturm plays in the first league while GAK joined in 1993. Sturm was 14-times 2nd, but they had no championship. In the last few years Graz became the capital of football in Austria.

 Sheffield Wednesday - Sheffield United (Steel City Derby) England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 
Sheffield United are known as the Blades and Wednesday are the Owls.

 Celtic FC - Rangers FC (The Old Firm) Scotland

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | City | 
Rangers against Celtic is more than just a football match. One of the oldest derbies in the world is also about religion (protestants vs. catholics). Both teams have dominated the Scottish league. The scottish competition is every year a battle between Rangers and Celtic

 Feyenoord - PSV Eindhoven Netherlands

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Probably the smallest of the 'Klassiekers' in The Netherlands. Both fangroups hate Ajax more than each other but still this is a big match everybody is loooing forward to. Despite the difference in number of titles in the last twenty years, Feyenoord is always a difficult oppponent to beat for PSV.

 AIK Stockholm - Djurgardens IF Sweden

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Probably the biggest derby in Sweden as these are two of the traditional strong forces in Swedish football. The fans will do everything within their powers to make it a great atmosphere.

 Panathinaikos - AEK Athens Greece

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Panathinaikos comes from the center of Athens and AEK from a region which is very close to the center but despite that fact the fans of both clubs hate Olympiakos much more than they hate each other.

 NAC Breda - Willem II (De Brabantse Derby) Netherlands

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Noord-Brabant is the Dutch province with most professional football clubs in The Netherlands. Each season a lot of derbies are played. The most important derby however, is the local derby between NAC Breda and Willem II Tilburg. The cities of Breda and Tilburg are 20 kilometres apart but the contradictions between both towns and their inhabitants are immense. Villages between both cities feel this tension even more, since both NAC and Willem II fans live there. In the past, fightings and intimidations were normal situation around the derby, but the fanatic fans made a silent agreement not to perform these kind of acts anymore. Nowadays, Willem II fans and NAC fans perform humoristic actions to score each other off.

 Dinamo Zagreb - NK Zagreb (Zagreb Blues vs Zagreb Poets) Croatia

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Matches between these two clubs are played from 1912, the year Croatian league had it's start. A lot of the past data is missing because of turbulent times in the area (archives were burned by communists in 1945). Dinamo is the big popular club (probably 90% of the city supports them) while the oldest club in Zagreb has to do with less support.

 Chivas - America (El Super Clasico) Mexico

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Las Chivas (The Goats) and Las Aguilas (The Eagles) fight each other in El Super Clasico or 'Clásico de Clásicos' (derby of all derbies). It's the largest city of the country against the second largest. Club América is located in the capital city and has always been regarded as the club of the establishment. It is the wealthiest club of Mexico. Long ago, when both teams were more successful, it was a Mexican saying that this clash is a comparison of the team with the best Mexican players (Chivas) and the team with the best foreigners (América).

 PSV Eindhoven - Ajax Netherlands

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It's not as big as Ajax-Feyenoord but it's one of the six so called 'klassiekers' (matches between Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV) played each year in Dutch football. Ajax is the most succesful club in Dutch history while PSV has won most national titles in the past 20 years. They fight for the title year by year and therefore the rivalry gets stronger as time goes by.

 Trabzonspor - Fenerbahce Turkey

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It's no surprise that there's a big football rivalry between the Istanbul giants and the Black Sea club from Trabzon as Trabzonspor is the only team outside Istanbul ever to win the Turkish league title. Trabzonspor ruled Turkish football for almost a decade, winning 6 league titles, while Fenerbahçe won 2 and Besiktas 1. In those days Fenerbahce was the only team who could really challenge Trabzonspor for the championship. A rivalry developed.

 Boca Juniors - River Plate (El Superclasico) Argentina

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It is not the most "local" derby in Argentina (the clubs are about 7 km apart, in Buenos Aires) but it grips the country for days. The rivalry, hatred and violence involved are based on social class and money. Both clubs were founded in the poor district of Buenos Aires called La Boca. Boca Juniors stayed there while River Plate moved in the 1930s to the smart district called Nuñez. Boca vs River is 90 minutes of deafening noise and huge avalanches of standing fans behind the goal.

 Independiente - Racing Club (El Clasico de Avellaneda) Argentina

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Independiente is known as "El Rey de Copas" ('The King of Cups'), because it has won 15 International Cups (including the Copa Libertadores 7 times), more than any other club in South America. Rácing Club is called "La Academia" ('The Academy') - presumably it was known for the good standard of its football. It has won the Copa Libertadores once.

 Fluminense - Botafogo (Classico Vovô (Grandfather Derby)) Brazil

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In Rio de Janeiro, there is a fierce rivalry between the 4 big clubs (Vasco, Flamengo, Botafogo and Fluminense). The oldest derby is Botafogo -Fluminense. Both were founders of the Rio de Janeiro league in 1906, and still today they quarrel about the 1907 title. It's known as the Classico Vovô (Grandpa derby), since it dates from way back to the 1900s.

 Atletico Paranaense - Coritiba (Atletiba) Brazil

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In Curitiba, located in Paraná State in the far South of Brazil, the 'Campeonato Paranaense' was played since 1915. Internacional was the first champion here. The city of Curitiba hosted other clubs as well, like Britânia, Savóia, América and … Coritiba. Coritiba FC was founded in 1909, by Germans immigrants. In 1916 Coritiba won the second championship. A little rivalry, between Coritiba and Internacional started. América (white/red) and Britânia also had very strong teams. In 1917 América even became state champions and from 1918-1924 Britânia would be crowned champions of the Parana State. Coritiba, Internacional and América weren't too happy with this Britânia spell so they decided to create one big strong team. Coritiba, as a colonial team, refused any agreement and so it happened that in March 1924 Clube Atlético Paranaense was founded as a result of a fusion between Internacional and América. Their club colours would be Black (Internacional) and Red (America). Coritiba never accepted the new formed club and it wouldn't take long before the two teams would meet in a pre-season championship. On 20 April 1924, Atlético won the first unofficial meeting with 2-0. The first official meeting was on June 8th that same year, this time for the Paraná State Championship. Coritiba took revenge and won the game by 6-3. Those two games were the start of a great rivalry.

 Bristol City - Bristol Rovers (The Bristol Derby) England

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In Bristol you are either a Robin or a Gas Head. Blue or Red. Memorial or Ashton. There is considerable antipathy between the sides and supporters. Even the issue of oldest club is still a matter of contention, Rovers claim to be the oldest professional club in Bristol, however City have enjoyed league status for longer. City draws their main support from the South of Bristol, Rovers from the East (and North). Over the years City have usually finished higher in the league than Rovers, though neither team has enjoyed huge success.

 IFK Goteborg - Orgryte IS (The Gothenburg Derby) Sweden

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IFK Göteborg has traditionally been the workers team while ÖIS traditionally has been the upper class team. A derby that drew record attendances in the late 50's and early 60's and also today this is the highest attendance match in Sweden for the last few years. Today, IFK Göteborg is seen as the big club while Örgryte IS is considered to be the underdog.

 Rapid Wien - Austria Wien (The Vienna Derby) Austria

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Historically, Austria Vienna was a burgeoise city center team, Rapid Vienna merely the working-class club in the outskirts of Vienna. As one of the few in Austria, both teams have never been relegated out of the highest league. They play against each other since 1911.

 Hammarby - AIK Stockholm Sweden

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Hammarby and AIK are two very different clubs. Hammarby are from the southern parts of Stockholm and AIK are from the northern parts. Hammarby supporters are known as friendly and AIK supporters are known as more violent. AIK used to be the club of the establishment and Hammarby the club of the working class.

 Chelsea - Fulham England

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Fulham are the oldest currently established London club. A developer offered them the Stamford Bridge ground in 1905 but Fulham refused. That made him decide to start a football club himself : Chelsea FC. Over the years Fulham and Chelsea haven't been in the same league very often so the obvious rivalry never strongly developed. The close distance between both grounds earns them a spot on this site.

 Juventus - Torino (Derby della Mole) Italy

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Formed by dissident Juventus supporters in 1906, Toro are known to be the club of those born and bred in the city of Turin. Juventus is moreover supported by the immigrant workers from Italy's south, who arrived in the city to work for FIAT. It was obvious for them to support Juventus as the club is highly supported by the FIAT founders, the Agnelli family.

 Porto - Benfica (o Clássico) Portugal

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For at least the last 20 years this is the biggest clash in Portugal. FC Porto, the symbol of the city and region of Oporto, against the big club from the capital. Many see this as the new power (FC Porto) in Portuguese football versus the traditional strong force (Benfica).

 Flamengo - Fluminense (Fla-Flu) Brazil

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Flamengo was founded as an aquatic sports club while Fluminense was founded as a football club only. Because of that, some members of Flamengo were members of Fluminense as well. In 1911, before the final match of the Rio de Janeiro Championship, some players of Fluminense were discussing with the board about the money they would receive if they would win the championship. They couldn't agree about this so Marcelo Borgeth, who was a Flamengo member, plus 9 other players, left Fluminense and created a football team in Flamengo.

 Red Star Belgrade - Partizan Belgrade (Veciti Derbi) Serbia

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FK Partizan were founded in 1945 as the football section of the central club of the Yugoslavian Army. Red Star was founded in 1945 as well but it was more the civil club.

 Gimnasia - Estudiantes (Clasico Platense (La Plata Derby)) Argentina

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Estudiantes vs. Gimnasia is the lion (Leon) vs. the wolf (El Lobo) and Los Pincharratas vs. Los Triperos. Pincharratas means 'The Rat Biters'. Some say that the name derives from experiments performed in La Plata's university. Los Triperos means 'The Slaughter House Attendants' because Gimnasia's first players worked in the city's cold meat storage. Estudiantes was born out of Gimnasia when some members decided to start a new club.

 Club Africain - Esperance (The Tunis Derby) Tunesia

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Esperance used to be the club of the lower class people and Club Africain the team of the "intellectual" (the club was founded by students). The Club Africain headquarter is located in Bab Jedid, an old area of the city where the rich used to live. Nowadays it's a pretty poor area. Esperance's headquarter is located 1 km from that of club Africain, in Bab Souika, a very popular area. After the independance of Tunisia Club Africain slowly became more popular among the poor especially because Esperance was being managed by businessmen and politicians. Both clubs are very popular these days.

 East Bengal - Mohun Bagan (The Derby of India) India

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East Bengal represents Bangals hailing from Eastern part of Bengal , but they also have several supporters hailing from Western part of Bengal. Mohun Bagan represents Ghotis generally belonging to people of Western part of Bengal and they also have some supporters hailing from Eastern part of Bengal. East Bengal Fans celebrates their Win by eating Hilsa Fish and Mohun Bagan Fans celebrates win by eating Prawns. With the progress of time both teams now have fans belonging to various communities and regions of India.

 America de Cali - Deportivo Cali (The Cauca Valley clasico) Colombia

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Deportivo Cali roots go all the way back to 1908 when it was founded as Cali Football Club. Their support used to be mostly upper class. America is more known as the people's club as it's from a small area on the outside of Cali. Bad vibes started in the early 30's when after a match between the 2 teams America's players accused the referee and Deportivo Cali of fixing the game. America was banned from the Local league for some years.

 Universidad de Chile - Colo Colo (El Superclasico) Chile

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Colo-Colo is the popular team in Chile. In fact, it's name is given by an aborigen leader that fought spanish conquerers. On the other hand, Universidad de Chile is not a team of the rich but more of the big middle class in Chile, very passionate as well. The most important period of the classico was during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. He was named honorary president of Colo-Colo and it was this era that the club won several of it's championships. Universidad de Chile had more support from the political left wing. They have always been in conflict with Colo-Colo and even today their fans see the Monumental Stadium as the Stadium of Pinochet.

 Club Brugge - Cercle Brugge (de Brugse derby) Belgium

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Club Brugge represent the Flemish-speaking community and have deep roots in the city's working class, while rivals Cercle Brugge developed from within the middle-class community of English and Dutch immigrants.

 Karsiyaka - Goztepe (The Izmir Derby) Turkey

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Can you imagine a 2nd league match with 80.000 spectators? It can happen in the city of Izmir when rival clubs Karsiyaka and Goztepe meet each other in the city derby! The derby between these two is by far the biggest derby in the 3rd biggest city of Turkey. The Gulf of Izmir seperates the two eternal rivals: In the South it’s Göztepe, in the North Karsiyaka. Göztepe were founded after a dispute between Altay directors and they are located in the historical Göztepe district. Karsiyaka is the oldest team in Izmir, and they are the local team of the big Karsiyaka district. Karsiyaka fans don’t want to be known as people from Izmir, they say they are from Karsiyaka, while Göztepe fans call themselves real Smyrnians.

 Blackburn Rovers - Burnley (The East Lancashire Derby) England

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Both towns are about 8 miles apart. The rivalry between the towns is not just football wise. On the pitch the 2 clubs haven't been in the same league since 1982 but still they see each other as the big rival. There have been some cup matches with violent outbreaks in the meantime though. In the early 60's Burnley had the slightly upper hand of the two clubs but in more recent years this changed as Blackburn Rovers got their third premiership title in 1995.

 Dundee FC - Dundee United (The Tayside Derby) Scotland

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Both teams like to argue who is the biggest. In such a small city (population 140.000) they have found it difficult to get big crowds, however usually the stadiums are sold out when the two meet. Both teams have reached the semi-final of the European Cup but unfortunately this isn't very likely to happen again in the near future.

 Boavista - Porto (Derby da Invicta) Portugal

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Both teams have had some pretty succesful years and therefore the Porto derby has been increasing in importance in the last few years. Porto is the big popular club in the city / region while Boavista is a smaller club with a good fanbase in the Boavista district of the city. Recent derbies where very intense and included a fair share of violent play!

 AS Roma - Lazio Roma (Il Derby Capitolino) Italy

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Both teams hate the arrogance from the Northern teams (Milan, Turin) but they hate each other more. AS Roma is the team supported in the popular roman districts while Lazio support is more from the rich roman districts of the city. The politic differences between the fans used to be one of the reasons of this rivalry. The Laziali in general had right-wing idea's while the Roma fans were more left-wing orientated.

 Brentford FC - QPR England

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Both teams are from West London, only 3 miles apart. It's the biggest game of the season for both fans and one which will get a big crowd and the fans get very passionate about.

 Wolverh. Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion (The Black Country Derby) England

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Both clubs are steeped in history, both being founder members of The Football League in 1888 and both having had some truly great players over the years, more significantly West Brom perhaps, and some significant success in the League and both domestic Cups. Both sets of fans are renowned for their passion and vociferious support.

 Manchester United - Manchester City (The Manchester Derby) England

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Both are very traditional clubs with lots of history. City had a successful period during the 50's and 70's but, especially in the nineties, United turned things round. When it comes to support the city is still divided though (50%-50%). You could say (East) Manchester people support City, while United's fans come from (West) Manchester and all parts of the world. The last few years the clubs are rivals for the Premier League title.

 Besiktas JK - Fenerbahce Turkey

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Besiktas is located on the European side of Istanbul while Fenerbahce is located on the Asian side of the city. It's a rivalry between the middle class (Besiktas) and the working class (Fenerbahce) altough this is not very important nowadays. It's more a rivalry between two of the biggest clubs in the country.

 Galatasaray - Besiktas JK Turkey

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Besiktas and Galatasaray are both located on the European side of Istanbul. It's a rivalry between the upper class/aristocracy (Galatasaray) and the middle class (Besiktas) altough this is not very important nowadays. It's more a rivalry between two of the biggest clubs in the country.

 Legia Warsaw - Polonia Warsaw (Derby Stolicy) Poland

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Before World War II both Polonia and Legia had comparable amount of support in the city. Generally they were based in all social classes, but Polonia was a bit more elite orientated. When Warsaw had to be rebuilt after the war, Legia became the team of the military and within a few years they were one of the best clubs in Poland. Polonia relegated and most of the new inhabitants of Warsaw started to support Legia. Nowadays both teams are among the best in the country but fans of Legia are still outnumbering Polonia. The nickname of Legia is Zieloni ("The Greens") or Wojskowi ("Militaries") and Polonia are called Czarne Koszule ("Black Shirts").

 Bayern Munchen - 1860 Munchen Germany

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Bayern is traditionally the club of the rich while TSV 1860 Munchen (founded in 1899 from a sportclub which was founded in 1860) is more the club of the working class.

 Bahia - Vitoria (Ba-Vi) Brazil

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Ba-Vi is not a national derby but the two popular clubs in the city of Salvador meet in 'the greatest derby of the Northeast'. Vitória, the 5th oldest club of the country, didn't take football too seriously until the early 50's as cricket and rowing used to be more important those days. But in 1953 Vitória started a professional football team which became state champions that same year. Realising that Vitoria and Bahia now were the two biggest clubs of the city, the presidents of both clubs, Luiz Catharino Gordilho (Vitória) and Osório Villas Boas(Bahia), started to promote the match as a great derby match. They did everything to catch people's attention for the match and that's when the rivalry started and lasted. After decades of Bahia supremacy the match became more of a sportive battle in the early 90's when Vitoria managed to become league finalist in 1993.

 Atletico Mineiro - Cruzeiro Brazil

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Atletico and Cruzeiro are the biggest football clubs of Belo Horizonte, capital of the Minas Gerais state, and two of the most traditional clubs in South America. Atletico´s mascot is a Cock ("Galo") and Cruzeiro´s mascot is a Fox ("Raposa").

 Cardiff City - Swansea City (The South Wales derby) Wales

Honours | Stadium | Reports | 
Assumably the most violent derby in Britain. Both clubs, especially Cardiff, have a reputation when it comes to hooliganism. The fact that Cardiff is the capital of Wales and that the 2nd city of the country, Swansea, is sometimes forgotten feeds the bad feeling from The Jacks towards Cardiff.

 AEK Athens - Olympiakos Piraeus Greece

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 
Another classic derby in Athens. The hatred between the fans peaked in 1996 when Dusan Bajevic left AEK in order to be the coach of Olympiakos. He was the man who made the best team that AEK ever had and the AEK fans loved him. But since 1996 they see him as a traitor and this is now the main reason for the animosity between the two clubs.

 AC Milan - Inter Milan (Derby della Madonnina) Italy

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AC Milan was founded in 1899 by English immigrants. Some members disagreed that only British players could be a member of the club and therefore they founded a new club with the obvious name, Internazionale. Inter used to be the right-wing orientated club (hence the nickname 'bauscia' which means 'nouveau riche') while milan had more working class members (nicknamed 'casciavit' meaning screwdrivers). Nowadays it's all about glory and prestige on football level.

 Aris Saloniki - PAOK Saloniki Greece

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
A great rivalry which started in 1926 when Paok was founded by Greek refugees from Istanbul.

 Derby County - Nottingham Forest (The East Midlands Derby) England

Honours | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 
'The Rams' and 'Forest' are pretty similar clubs in terms of size, wealth and type of supporters. They are the two most succesful clubs in the area and both want to be known as the best city of the East Midlands. Both had success in the past but are now struggling to live up to past standards. The bitter rivalry between 'the Sheep' and 'the Trees', as the fans prefer to call each other, reached it's height in the mid 70's after Derby's former manager Brian Clough, one of the greatest football managers of all time, joined Forest.

 Deportivo de la Coruna - Celta de Vigo Spain

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'Celta' and 'Depor' are the biggest clubs in Galicia. This rivalry, after many sleeping years, reappeared since Deportivo became SuperDepor by the end of the 20th century.

 Rosario Central - Newell's Old Boys (Clasico Rosarino) Argentina

Honours | Stadium | FAQ | Reports | 
"Rosario Central" is a railway station where English railwaymen used to work. In 1889 they founded the Rosario Central football club. The club has always carried a left wing tradition as it is said that Che Guevara was a Rosario Central supporter as well. Newell's Old Boys were founded by students of the English High School of Rosario. The club was named after English immigrant Isaac Newell who was director of the school.

 Arsenal - Tottenham Hotspur (The North London Derby) England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 

 Anderlecht - Club Brugge Belgium

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 

 Sunderland AFC - Newcastle United (The Tyne-Wear derby) England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 

 Liverpool FC - Manchester United England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 

 Aston Villa - Birmingham City (The Second City Derby) England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 

 Genoa - Sampdoria (Derby della Lanterna) Italy

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | FAQ | Reports | 

 Feyenoord - Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | City | 

 Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid (El Derbi Madrileno) Spain

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 

 Hapoel Tel Aviv - Maccabi Tel Aviv Israel

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 

 Spartak Moscow - CSKA Moscow Russia

Honours | Results | Stadium | Reports | 

 Arsenal - Manchester United England

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 

 Alianza Lima - Universitario (El Clasico) Peru

Honours | Stadium | Reports | 

 Panathinaikos - PAOK Saloniki Greece

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 

 Rapid Bucharest - Dinamo Bucharest Romania

Honours | Results | Stadium | Fans | Reports | 

 PAOK Saloniki - AEK Athens Greece

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 FC Tokyo - Tokyo Verdy 1969 (Tokyo Derby) Japan

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We will add information about the following matches as soon as possible :

 Chievo Verona - Hellas Verona

 Sparta Prague - Slavia Prague (Derby (dvou) Prazskych S)

 Germinal Beerschot - Royal Antwerp FC (De Antwerpse derby)

 Lens - Lille

 Sydney FC - Melbourne Victory

 Heerenveen - Cambuur

 Metz - AS Nancy (The Lorraine Derby)

 AS Monaco - OGC Nice (Derby de la Côte d'Azur)

 Tenerife - Las Palmas

 Orlando Pirates - Kaizer Chiefs (The Soweto Derby)

 Slovan Bratislava - Inter Bratislava

 Brescia - Atalanta Bergamo

 Olimpia - Cerro Porteno (El Superclasico)

 Bolivar - The Strongest

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