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    Bajen Fans

 Name  : Bajen Fans
 Location  : Block K, J
 Founded  : 1981
Bajen Fans are known as very friendly supporters who fanatically support their team. Bajen Fans are from the neighbourhood Södermalm and the southern parts of Stockholm. Bajen Fans were the first to create their atmosphere with colours or other types of creations in Sweden and are still influenced by southern European ultras mentality. The special group Hammarby Ultras is now handling the TIFO activity around the matches.

    Black Army

 Name  : Black Army
 Location  : Norra Stå (Curva Nord)
 Founded  : 1981
Black Army fans are mostly from the Northern parts of the Stockholm area. They are very demanding and known for their sometimes troublesome behaviour. They are also known for the great atmosphere they are creating and one of the most feared and respected supporters group of Scandinavia.
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