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    Stadion Feijenoord ('de Kuip')

Name : Stadion Feijenoord ('de Kuip')
Address : Van Zandvlietplein 1, 3077 AA Rotterdam
Capacity : 52000
Opened : 1937
Other : The stadium was opened in 1937. The capacity at that time was 65.000.
The official name is Stadion Feijenoord but the more popular name is 'De Kuip' as the stadium looks like a huge bathtub. The stadium was renovated in 1994 when the roof was build.

    Philips Stadion

Name : Philips Stadion
Address : Frederiklaan 10a, 5616 NH Eindhoven
Capacity : 36500
Opened : 1916
Other : Easiest way to get to the stadium is by train. The central train station is only on 5 minutes walk from the stadium.
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