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    FAQ for NAC Breda - Willem II

What about the humorous actions of the fans?

Prior to a derby between Willem II and NAC, it has become a tradition that the fanatic fans of both clubs perform so called funny or humorous actions. During these actions the fans try to stupefy the opponent's fans by performing these actions.

Willem II fans started this by delivering old bread to NAC's stadium, when the club was in financial trouble. A year later, Willem II fans dumped 400 kilos of shit in front of the NAC Stadium, referring to "Gayda" (Breda). As a reaction to this, NAC fans dumped over 4000 diapers at the Willem II stadium. When Willem II reached the Dutch Cup Final, some works of art in Breda was redecorated in Willem II's club colours, while NAC fans rebuild Tilburg in one night to a so-called Quiet Area.

Unfortunately, less funny actions have been performed. It's known that Willem II fans and NAC fans steal banners from each other and burn them during the match, or that fans graffiti the opponents stadium and city.

    FAQ for NAC Breda

Who was Rat Verlegh?

Antoon 'Rat' Verlegh (1896 – 1960) is the clubicon of NAC Breda. From the foundation of NAC in 1912 till his death, he was involved as a player, manager and honoured member of NAC Breda. From the Second World War till his death he was a respected person within Dutch football. His nickname 'De Rat' has its roots in the time Verlegh played for NAC. With his sneaky en fast way of playing, he looked like a rat. Currently the stadium, a fanzine, a few websites and a street are named after him.

What is the red flag with the three white crosses?

The flag is the flag of the city of Breda. It's from the crest of Breda : two lions holding the red shield with the three crosses above the guarding angel.

What is the nickname of the NAC fans?

NAC Fans are called 'Ratten' (=rats), named after the clubicon Antoon 'Rat' Verlegh. The NAC Fans also call themselves 'The Yellow Army’, referring to their club colours.

What do the letters NAC stand for?

NAC stands for NOAD ADVENDO Combination. NOAD and ADVENDO were two clubs who merged in 1912 to NAC. The full name of NAC is Nooit Opgeven Altijd Doorzetten (NOAD) Aangenaam Door Vermaak en Nuttig Door Ontspanning (ADVENDO) Combinatie. It is to be believed to be the longest club name in Europe.

Where are the fanatic sides based?

NAC has three fanatic sides. The side behind the goal, next to the away block, is called Vak G and it's occupied by fanatic fans, hooligans and former hooligans. Opposite to Vak G, you find the B-Side behind the other goal. The middle two blocks contain seats, but normally the fanatic fans stand there. On the sides, families, children and older people view the match. The last fanatic side is on the Eretribune, block F6 and F7. These blocks contain former B-Side and Vak G people.

How do NAC Fans call Willem II fans?

According to NAC fans, there is no atmosphere and no real support from Willem II fans. Therefore the club is called 'Stillem II' and the town Tilburg is called 'Stilburg'. 'Stil' is translated from Dutch into English as quiet.

    FAQ for Willem II Tilburg

What does the name 'Willem II' refer to?

The name of the club refers to the Dutch king Willem II (William the Second) who ruled the Netherlands from 1840 until his death in 1849. The Dutch king felt a strong connection to the city Tilburg, which he often visited and where he build a palace. He was once quoted saying: "This is where I breathe freely, this is where I feel happy." The club was founded in 1896 and was first named Tilburgia. Two years later the founders changed the name to Willem II as a tribute to the king.

What is the nickname of the Willem II fans?

Willem II fans are called Kruikenzeikers (=jug pisser). This nickname has its roots during the industrial revolution, when the textile industry settled in Tilburg. During the process of making wool, the wool needed to be washed by urine. The inhabitants of Tilburg where asked to urinate in a jug, which was collected every morning by the wool factories.

Where are the fanatic sides based?

Willem II's fanatic side is based next to the away block, behind the goal. It is called Kingside, referring to the king Willem II. This side contains fanatic supporters and hooligans. Another side is based on the other side behind the goal, but it contains more families and students.

How do Willem II fans call NAC fans?

NAC fans are called homo’s (=gay) and the town Breda is called Gayda. The origin of this nickname is not known. Besides this, Willem II fans also dislike the behaviour of the NAC fans, it's bragging.

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