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Hajduk is the team of Dalmatia and Dinamo is the team of the Zagreb region. They are both proud to be Croatian and they both hate everything that comes from Belgrade. In a way they are even a bit proud of their main rivals but despite that they don't get along very well (until 1992 it even happened that Torcida and BBB travelled together to matches in Belgrade!).


 Name  : Torcida
 Location  : North Stand
 Founded  : 1950
Torcida were founded in 1950 before the match against Crvena Zvezda (Red Star Belgrade) and is one of the oldest fan groups in Europe (probably the oldest!). The group was named after similar fan groups in Brazil who were also called Torcida.

    Bad Blue Boys

 Name  : Bad Blue Boys
 Location  : North Stand (behind the goal)
 Founded  : 1985
According to the legend, the name of the group was inspired by the, at that time very popular, movie "Bad Boys".

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