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These are the two biggest stadia in The Netherlands. The national team plays all important matches in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Rotterdam seems to be favorite because the crowd is closer to the pitch and the stadium has that old fashioned football atmosphere.

    Amsterdam Arena

Name : Amsterdam Arena
Address : Arena Boulevard 1, 1101 AX Amsterdam
Capacity : 52000
Opened : 1996
Other : The Amsterdam ArenA was the first European stadium with a removable roof. Until 1996 Ajax played it's matches at stadium 'De Meer'. Big matches were played in the Olympisch Stadion as 'De Meer' had a capacity of just 21.000.

From Central Station :
Take the subway to Gein (nr.54). Stop at Strandvliet/ArenA (Noord) or Station Bijlmer (Zuid).

From Schiphol Airport :
Take the train to Duivendrecht. From Duivendrecht you can walk to the stadium (10 min.) or you can take the subway towards Strandvliet/ArenA (Noord) or Station Bijlmer (Zuid).

    Stadion Feijenoord ('de Kuip')

Name : Stadion Feijenoord ('de Kuip')
Address : Van Zandvlietplein 1, 3077 AA Rotterdam
Capacity : 52000
Opened : 1937
Other : The stadium was opened in 1937. The capacity at that time was 65.000.
The official name is Stadion Feijenoord but the more popular name is 'De Kuip' as the stadium looks like a huge bathtub. The stadium was renovated in 1994 when the roof was build.
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