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Estadio Juan Zerrillo is situated in a wooded area on the edge of the city and is popularly known as El Bosque ('The Forest'). Estudiantes' stadium is officially called Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi and is situated in the same area of the city. A new stadium was opened in 2003 (Estadio Ciudad de La Plata) but both clubs said that they do not want to play their matches there.

    Estadio Juan Carlos Zerillo

Name : Estadio Juan Carlos Zerillo
Address : Avenida 60 y Calle 118. La Plata
Capacity : 33000
Opened : 1924

    Estadio Jorge Luis Hirsch

Name : Estadio Jorge Luis Hirsch
Address : Calle 1 y 55 ( 1900 ) La Plata
Capacity : 20000
Opened : 1907
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