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On one side there are right-winged Zrinjski fans called Ultras Zrinjski, and on the other there are left-winged Velez's fans called Red Army Mostar.

    Red Army

 Name  : Red Army
 Founded  : 1981
The Velez fans are called Red Army. This large group existed of many smaller groups like Zealots, Carina, Furia. Nowadays they are joined by Union Jack Crew and Brigata Rossa.
Members are Bosnians, Croatians and Serbs as well.

    Ultras Zrinjski

 Name  : Ultras Zrinjski
 Founded  : 1994
Ultras Zrinjski is a pretty new supporters group founded in 1994. The smaller groups within this group are called Fighters Zrinjski, Avenija, Eagles and Capljina. They are a right-winged orientated group, mostly Croatians.
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