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    FAQ for Club Africain - Esperance

Did you know ... ?

- The derbies are always refereed by French or Italian referees. The 1999 Cup Final for example was led by Pierluigi Collina.

- Somes cities in Tunisia are all devoted to one of the clubs. For example all the people of Jendouba (north of the country) are fans of Club Africain while the people of Tabarka are Esperance supporters.

- The derby is very popular in all the sports : football, handball, volleyball etc.

- In Bab Jedid, a popular area of Tunis, all the shops are 'Club Africain' : Café du Club Africain, hairdresser of Club Africain, hotel Club Africain, etc. Same thing in Bab Souika for Esperance.

- The clubs don't own their own stadiums but they do own big training camps in the city. Each club also owns an hotel in the centre of Tunis. The training camps are in the business area of the town (!) and are just 500m away from each other! The Club Africain training camp used to be called
"Parc A" (now Parc Mounir Kebaili) and Esperance's "Parc B" (now Parc
Hassen Belkhodja").

    FAQ for Club Africain

No FAQ available for Club Africain

    FAQ for Esperance

No FAQ available for Esperance

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