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Both clubs have supporters of all social classes, but the majority of Boca supporters are working class, while River Plate is the preferred club of the middle and upper classes. 40% of Argentinian football fans follow Boca and 32% follow River Plate. Boca's supporters call River's supporters "Gallinas" ('Chickens'). In return River's supporters call Boca's supporters "Bosteros" ('Manure Collectors') - a reference to the smell of the sewers and the polluted river in La Boca. The 'official' nickname of the Boca fans is Xeneizes. It means Genoese
(the core of the club's early support came from Genovese immigrants).

    La Doce

 Name  : La Doce
"La Doce" means "the twelfth player".

    Los Borrachos del Tablon

 Name  : Los Borrachos del Tablon
"Los Borrachos del Tablon" translates as "Drunkards of the Terrace"
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