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It used to be worse than it is now, with fights inside and outside the stadium. Altough still now some violence may occure. The blues are known as "Gremistas" or "Tricolores". The Gremistas have many groups: "Alma Castelhana", "Super Raça", "Torcida Jovem" and "Garra Tricolor". The Red side are the "Colorados". The Colorados groups are "Camisa 12" and "Força Independente Colorada".

    Geral do Grêmio

 Name  : Geral do Grêmio
 Founded  : 2001
Geral do Gremio is nicknamed Alma Castelhana. Super Raça Gremista, Torcida Jovem and Garra Tricolor (hooligans) are smaller these days.

    Camisa 12

 Name  : Camisa 12
 Founded  : 1969
Other groups are 'Diabos Vermelhos' (2003), 'Nação Independente Colorada' (1992) and the hooligans of 'Guarda Popular Colorada'.
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