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    FAQ for Club Atletico Boca Juniors

Why does Boca play in blue and yellow ?

Boca Juniors play in the blue and yellow of the Swedish national team because the founders of the club liked the colours of a Swedish ship docked in La Boca.

    FAQ for Club Atletico River Plate

What's the meaning of the red stripe on the River Plate shirt?

On a carnival night which was coming to its end, an old cart appeared looking for a place to rest. On the rear of the cart hung an untidy silk red ribbon. A quintet of lads decided to steel it as one of their many pranks. This had a reason: to add a touch of colour to the white shirt that, up to that moment, identified River Plate. They first wore the red stripe diagonally and later they pinned it on. The idea was a success. The new shirt was first worn in a match against "Maldonado", a club from Palermo, the score isn't known, but River beat them. For sure, that cart driver never got to know that, without meaning to, he contributed to give light to one of the most famous shirt worldwide. (

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