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    Celtic Fans

 Name  : Celtic Fans
Celtic, like Rangers have a massive support which is mainly Catholic, but their fans tend to concentrate on the football, rather than the religious side of things in comparison to their Ibrox counterparts, but there's still is a big section of their support who take the whole Irish political thing a little too seriously.

Celtic fans, like their club are very proud of their Irish roots. Although in most cases they have an affinity with Scotland, and see it as their home, they actually prefer to support the Irish Football Team for the same reasons mentioned above.

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    Rangers Fans

 Name  : Rangers Fans
Rangers fans on average they see themselves as Scottish and British and in recent years have lost all interest when it comes to supporting the Scottish national team. Although Rangers fans still see themselves as Scottish, a section of their support actually like to see England doing well.

On a political front they want to keep the Monarchy and prefer Scotland to remain as part of the United Kingdom and 9 times out of 10 is a member of the Protestant faith. However, they are very rarely interested in religion in a Christian sense. Sometimes, can hold strong religious views for the duration of a match and loves to wind up rival fans especially followers of Celtic (the Tims).

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