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Can you imagine a 2nd league match with 80.000 spectators? It can happen in the city of Izmir when rival clubs Karsiyaka and Goztepe meet each other in the city derby! The derby between these two is by far the biggest derby in the 3rd biggest city of Turkey. The Gulf of Izmir seperates the two eternal rivals: In the South it’s Göztepe, in the North Karsiyaka. Göztepe were founded after a dispute between Altay directors and they are located in the historical Göztepe district. Karsiyaka is the oldest team in Izmir, and they are the local team of the big Karsiyaka district. Karsiyaka fans don’t want to be known as people from Izmir, they say they are from Karsiyaka, while Göztepe fans call themselves real Smyrnians.


Name : Karsiyaka SK
City : Izmir (Turkey)
Colours : Red and Green
Founded : 1912
League : -
Cup : -


Name : Goztepe GK
City : Izmir (Turkey)
Colours : Yellow and Red
Founded : 1925
League : -
Cup : 1969, 1970
Other : Turkish Super Cup : 1970
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