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AIK Stockholm vs. Djurgardens IF
Stockholm, Sweden

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The biggest derby is the Rome derby between Lazio and AS Roma followed by the Genoa derby that is being played between Genoa and Sampdoria. The rivalry between AC Milan vs. Inter Milan is maybe a little less fierce but it's one of the most famous derbies in the world. Other city derbies are Juventus - Torino and Verona - Chievo.


Rivalry between fans is not that big anymore but it's a very famous derby.
The club of the Agnelli family against the little brother supported by the city middle class.
A very strong rivalry between two clubs sharing the beautiful Luigi Ferraris stadium.
A "new" derby. Verona are the traditional team of the city while Chievo is a suburb of Verona with less support.
The derby of the capital is probably the strongest rivalry in Italy.


Juventus-Milan, the two clubs with the most titles.
Juventus-Inter, the "derby d'Italia" is played between the only two clubs that never relegated.
Juventus-Roma, especially strong since the '80s.
Juventus-Fiorentina, the real derby for Fiorentina fans.

Local derbies:

Two clubs from small cities in the Lombardia region.
Derby of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia province.
Verona-Vicenza-Venezia, "Derby of Veneto".

"Derby Emiliano". These clubs also have derbies with Modena and Piacenza, and Parma also has a derby with Reggiana.
Cesena-Rimini, "Derby of Romagna".
Strong rivalry though both clubs have leftist supporters.
Not a big rivalry as it's mostly based on geographical reasons (Empoli is just 20 kms from Florence).
Fiorentina-Siena-Livorno, "Derby of Toscane".
Perugia-Ternana, "Derby of Umbria". Both clubs have leftist fans but strong rivalry.
"Derby of Marche". Ancona bankrupted in 2004, they have leftist fans while Ascoli's are rightist.

"Derby dello Stretto", called derby dello stretto as the cities Reggio Calabria and Messina are opposite of the strait between Calabria and Sicily.
"Derby Siciliano". Palermo is the biggest city while Catania and Messina are very close and have a strong rivalry.
"Derby of Puglia". They also have a derby with Foggia.
"Derby of Campania". Historically Napoli is the strongest club from Campania.

Some other matches that we want to mention :

Fiorentina-Bologna, "Derby of Appennino".
Roma-Napoli, "Derby del Sole" (derby of the sun).
Napoli-Palermo, "Derby del Sud".
Palermo-Cagliari, "Derby delle Isole" (Sicilia and Sardegna).
 City Derbies

Italy title= AS Roma - Lazio Roma  8.5
Italy title= Genoa - Sampdoria  8
Italy title= AC Milan - Inter Milan  7.8
Italy title= Chievo Verona - Hellas Verona 6.3
Italy title= Juventus - Torino  6.3
 Local Derbies

Italy title= Brescia - Atalanta Bergamo 6.5

No rivalries available.

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