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This is definitely one of the most bitter rivalries in England, even though the two have rarely been in the same division at the same time. In the 20’s there was a rivalry between 2 shipyards, on either side of the Thames. The Millwall, London and Surrey docks, were Millwall and the Royal docks were west Ham and it was an excuse for a tear up. The 1926 strike took things on to a whole new level when West Ham were on strike and Millwall carried on working. They were rivals before a football had been kicked between them. Both clubs originated in East London, but Millwall FC moved to the other side of the Thames (South London) in 1910.

    West Ham United

Name : West Ham United FC
City : London (England)
Colours : Claret and Blue
Founded : 1895
League : Division 2 Champions: 1958, 1981
Cup : 1964, 1975, 1980
Europe : Cup Winners Cup: 1965
Cup Winners Cup Finalist: 1976
Other : Charity Shield Winner: 1965 (shared)

    Millwall FC

Name : Millwall FC
City : London (England)
Colours : Blue and White
Founded : 1885
League : Division 2 Champions: 1988
Cup : FA Cup Semi Finalist: 1900, 1903, 1937
FA Cup Finalist : 2004

Europe : -
Other : -
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