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    West Ham United FC

 Congratulations: You Have Just Met the I.C.F.

A history of the most famous football battles in history, this book presents an unapologetic account of life in the front line of football violence by Cass Pennant, the leader of the notorious Inter City Firm - the ICF - West Ham's gang of football hooligans. The Inteer City Firm were the most notorious firm of football hooligans this country has seen. They were hard, terrifyingly vicious, brilliantly organized, tremendously feared and highly fashionable.

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    Millwall FC

 No One Likes Us, We Don't Care

"The Myth and Reality of Millwall Fandom", Gary Robson's anthropological picture of this infamous South London club provides a rich incite into the lives of fans, historical background and social practices of Millwall followers. "No one Likes us, we don't care," the anthem of the club, is an appropriate title for this book. The voices of South East Londoners shout out at readers off the page, and records urban memories of the Old Den and the move to the New Den.

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