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    FAQ for Independiente - Racing Club

What happened at "The Battle of Avellaneda", 17 February 2002 ?

The day was a Sunday; Rácing Club were the home team in the Avellaneda derby against Independiente. Gunshots were heard on a train carrying both sets of supporters to Avellaneda, but worse was to occur before kick-off outside the stadiums. Stadiums? Yes, the two stadiums stand shoulder to shoulder. Some Rácing fans were eating in a cafeteria inside their club's stadium. From high up in Independiente's stadium a group of Independiente fans threw a smoke bomb at the diners. It was then that all hell broke loose and a pitched battle broke out outside gate No. 8 of the 'Doble Visera' (Independiente's stadium). Two young Independiente supporters were shot, and later died in hospital. They had not been fighting - they were merely queuing to buy a ticket.

    FAQ for Club Atlético Independiente de Avellaneda

Why does Independiente play in red shirts?

Independiente decided to adopt a red strip after Nottingham Forest (who also play in red) beat them in a friendly match in Argentina in 1905.

    FAQ for Racing Club de Avellaneda

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