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CSKA Sofia vs. Levski Sofia
Sofia, Bulgaria

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The big match of them all is by far the big Copenhagen derby between ever Brondby and FC Copenhagen. These two clubs usually share the league and cup titles. "The New Firm", as this derby has been friendly named, is a huge event. Both FC Copenhagen (who are from the central part of the capital) and Brondby (who are from the westen surburbian area of the capital) enjos great support from all over the country.

The second city of Denmark, Aarhus, has two professional teams as well (Aarhus Fremad - Aarhus GF) but this never became a rivalry anything near the Copenhagen derby.

Clubs like Arhus GF, Odense BK, Aalborg, Viborg and FC Midtjylland enjoy good homecrowds but without any real rivalry between them. There is a small rivalry between Viborg and FC Midtjylland though.
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Denmark title= FC Copenhagen - Brondby IF  6.3
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