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    North Bank

 Name  : North Bank
 Location  : North Bank (behind the goal)
The North Bank was known as the stand with the most fanatical arsenal fans. Last few years a lot of fans moved from the North Bank towards the Clock End.

    Paxton Road

 Name  : Paxton Road
 Location  : Paxton Road (behind the goal)
In the seventies the most vociferous part of the ground was the Park Lane End of the ground, however the biggest and most famous terrace was "The Shelf" which was a raised terrace situated in the East stand above the east terrace with a tier of seats above. During the late seventies until its redevelopment in the late eighties this was the area for die hard Spurs fans, especially towards the corner where the North Stand meets the Park Lane stand (the most northerly section of the Shelf being called the "Cage". With the redevelopment of the ground and the closure of both the Park Lane end and the Paxton Road end the most popular areas switched intitially to the Paxton Road end and then increasingly to the Park Lane end, however the shelf (now more correctly the whole of the East lower tiers)still retains a significant reputation, again the more fervent the closer to the Park Lane end you get.
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