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    FAQ for Juventus - Torino

Why is the match called "Derby della Molle" ?

The La Mole building is a landmark in Turin. It's the most famous building of Turin. It's a city symbol like for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    FAQ for Juventus

No FAQ available for Juventus

    FAQ for Torino Calcio

What happened in the Superga air disaster ?

The Superga air disaster happened on Wednesday May 4 1949. An airplane carrying almost the entire Torino squad (18 players) crashed into the Superga hills near Turin. All 31 people on board died. The crash claimed the lives of a team that had won the Serie A title for the previous four years in a row (plus the last title before the oubreak of war). After the crash, Torino did not win the title again until 1976.

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