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    FAQ for Genoa 1893

What is Zena ?

Zena is the name of Genova (Genoa) in Genoese language.

    FAQ for UC Sampdoria

Where does the name "Sampdoria" come from?

Sampdoria was founded in 1946 by the merger of two old Genoese clubs: Sampierdarenese(Sampierdarena is a working-class quarter of Genova) and Andrea Doria (the name is from a famous medieval Genoese admiral). Also the colours became from those teams: Red and black from Samp, blue and white from Doria.

What does "blucerchiati" mean?

Sampdoria is a fusion of Sampierdarenese 1891 (red and black) and Andrea Doria 1895 (blue and white) so you have SAMP-DORIA 1946. The colours are united in a circle on the shirt, so that's where you have the word "blucerchiati" which translates as "blue circled".

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