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    FAQ for Ruch Chorzow - Gornik Zabrze

Can you compare Silesia with Catalunya?

Silesia is a district in Poland much like Basque Country in Spain. Its a very strong autonomous community. In the 2003 census 173.000 people declared their Silesian nationality instead of Polish and another 2.000.000 consider themselves Silesians. Many Silesians say that they are not Polish but Silesian. Football clubs like Ruch and Gornik are called the pride of Silesia like FC Barcelona is the pride of Catalunya.

    FAQ for Ruch Chorzow

Does the match really have that special derby feeling for the fans?

The derby is very important to the fans and they want everybody to know about it. They advertised their derby even at another great derby, the Madrid derby of 2008. Polish fans showed a banner saying : 2 Marzec – Wielkie Derby (March 2nd - Great derby) during the derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. This was 2 months before the Wielkie Derby!

    FAQ for Gornik Zabrze

No FAQ available for Gornik Zabrze

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