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Ba-Vi is not a national derby but the two popular clubs in the city of Salvador meet in 'the greatest derby of the Northeast'. Vitória, the 5th oldest club of the country, didn't take football too seriously until the early 50's as cricket and rowing used to be more important those days. But in 1953 Vitória started a professional football team which became state champions that same year. Realising that Vitoria and Bahia now were the two biggest clubs of the city, the presidents of both clubs, Luiz Catharino Gordilho (Vitória) and Osório Villas Boas(Bahia), started to promote the match as a great derby match. They did everything to catch people's attention for the match and that's when the rivalry started and lasted. After decades of Bahia supremacy the match became more of a sportive battle in the early 90's when Vitoria managed to become league finalist in 1993.


Name : Esporte Clube Bahia
City : Salvador (Brazil)
Colours : Blue, Red and White
Founded : 1931
League : 1959 (Taça Brasil), 1988
Other : State Championship : 43x


Name : Esporte Clube Vitória
City : Salvador (Brazil)
Colours : Red and Black
Founded : 1899
League : Runner-up : 1993
Semi-finalist : 1999
Other : State Championship : 22x
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