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Both sets of fans don't get along very well. In recent years there were not very much troubles around the matches because of the large security measures, but the hooligans try to meet on different occassions (like in Beverwijk).


 Name  : F-Side
 Location  : Block 125-129
 Founded  : 1976
The F-side is named after the block they were in when ajax played their matches in stadium 'De Meer'. In the Amsterdam ArenA they are located behind the goal in the South part of the stadium.

    Vak 410

 Name  : Vak 410
 Location  : Block 410
 Founded  : 2001
A younger fan group on the second tier of the ArenA. Founded in order to create more atmosphere at the North side of the stadium.

    Vak S

 Name  : Vak S
 Location  : Block S/Q
 Founded  : -
The Feyenoord fans are also known as 'Het Legioen' (The Legionary).

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