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Flamengo was founded as an aquatic sports club while Fluminense was founded as a football club only. Because of that, some members of Flamengo were members of Fluminense as well. In 1911, before the final match of the Rio de Janeiro Championship, some players of Fluminense were discussing with the board about the money they would receive if they would win the championship. They couldn't agree about this so Marcelo Borgeth, who was a Flamengo member, plus 9 other players, left Fluminense and created a football team in Flamengo.


Name : Clube de Regatas do Flamengo
City : Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Colours : Red and Black
Founded : 1895
League : 1980, 1982, 1983, (1987), 1992
Cup : 1990, 2006
Other : Copa Libertadores: 1981
Intercontinental Cup: 1981
Copa Mercosur: 1999


Name : Fluminense Football Club
City : Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Colours : Green, Red and White
Founded : 1902
League : 1970, 1984
Cup : 2007
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