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    FAQ for Derby County - Nottingham Forest

Who was Brian Clough (1935-2004) ?

Brian Clough was a decent player for Middlesbrough and Sunderland, reaching 2 caps for England. After his footballing career he became the manager of Hartlepool before moving to Derby County in 1967. A dispute with the Derby board made him leave the club after 6 very succesfull years with Derby (Div. 2 Champions, League Champions, European Cup semi-finalists). After a short spell at Brighton and Leeds, he moved to Nottingham Forest. Clough transformed Nottingham Forest from being Derby's little-known neighbours into one of the greatest clubs in Europe achieving almost everything with Forest that he'd always wanted to achieve with Derby. Brian Clough is a legend for all football fans in England, and especially the East Midlands.

    FAQ for Derby County

Why was their former stadium called 'The Baseball Ground' ?

Francis Ley,a local industrialist, had introduced the game of Baseball to the city of Derby after a trip to America in 1889. In the years after, the popularity of football proved too much and baseball faded into the background. The baseball ground (cap. 20.000) became the permanent home of Derby County in 1895, when the footballing section of Derbyshire Cricket Club moved to the ground. The Baseball Ground has been the home of the Rams until their new stadium, Pride Park, was opened in 1997.

    FAQ for Nottingham Forest FC

No FAQ available for Nottingham Forest

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