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    FAQ for Fenerbahce - Galatasaray

Did the rivalry start in 1934 ?

Friday 23 February 1934 was the day when unexpected riots happened at a supposed to be friendly match between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray played at Taksim Stadium. Both teams wanted to win badly and therefore the match had to be stopped many times because of hard fouls. The high tension on the pitch caused high tension on the stands as well. The game ended with players fighting, the pitch turned out to be a war area. The referee had no choice except to abandon the match. It was the end of friendly displays between both clubs.

What is the 'Graham Souness flag incident'?

It all happened in the 1995/96 season. Fenerbahçe were competing for the title with Trabzonspor while Galatasaray were struggling. When Galatasaray reached the cup final against Fenerbahce, everybody thought it would be an easy win for Fenerbahce. There were even some insults as if Galatasaray wasn’t a worthy opponent and the Fenerbahce chairman also made some comments about Souness as a coach. Galatasaray surprisingly beat Fenerbahce in 1st leg by a Dean Saunders penalty. The 2nd leg was played in the hell atmosphere of the Fenerbahce stadium. After 90 minutes Fenerbahce were leading 1-0, but in extra time Dean Saunders equalised, winning the cup for Galatasaray. Souness, with the great feeling of a great victory, took a giant Galatasaray flag and planted it in the centre of the pitch. This wasn’t appreciated by the Fenerbahce fans of course but he was the hero for all Galatasaray fans that day (Fenerbahce won the title and Souness had to leave Galatasaray because of the poor league position).

    FAQ for Fenerbahce Spor Kulubu

Why is the Fenerbahce Stadium called Sükrü Saracoglu (since 2001) ?

Sükrü Saracoglu was the 5th prime minister of the Turkish Republic and between 1934-1950 he was the president of Fenerbahce SK for almost 16 years.

    FAQ for Galatasaray Spor Kulubu

Where does the nickname "Cimbom" come from?

There are several legends about this as nobody exactly knows the origin of the word Cimbom. One of the stories tells you this: On an early school trip of the Galatasaray High School to Switzerland the students learned a Swiss football song with the name "Jim, Bom, Bom" and took it back with them to Istanbul. The song stayed with the team to this day and earned them their famous nickname, Cim Bom.

Who was Ali Sami Yen ?

Ali Sami Yen was one of the students and of the Galatasaray Lycee who founded Galatasaray Sports Club in 1905. He became the first president of the club.

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