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Cracovia is known for being a tolerant club. The club hired Jewish players before WWII and therefore they are now often described as Zydzi (Jews) by rival fans. Wisla was owned and supported by the police during communist times and that's why they are often called Psy (Dogs - negative name for policemen) by Cracovia supporters. After the death of Pope John Paul II most fans and many ultras on both sides are doing their best to stop nearly century long war between 2 clubs. Hooligans still fight outside the stadium causing serious trouble and even people get killed.

    Ultra Wisla

 Name  : Ultra Wisla
 Location  : Sector X
Other groups are the Sharks, the Devils and Wisl@cy '01.


 Name  : Opravcy
Other groups are Jude Gang, Grupa 100, Lowcy Psow(Dogs Catchers), Anty-Wisla
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