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In Curitiba, located in Paraná State in the far South of Brazil, the 'Campeonato Paranaense' was played since 1915. Internacional was the first champion here. The city of Curitiba hosted other clubs as well, like Britânia, Savóia, América and … Coritiba. Coritiba FC was founded in 1909, by Germans immigrants. In 1916 Coritiba won the second championship. A little rivalry, between Coritiba and Internacional started. América (white/red) and Britânia also had very strong teams. In 1917 América even became state champions and from 1918-1924 Britânia would be crowned champions of the Parana State. Coritiba, Internacional and América weren't too happy with this Britânia spell so they decided to create one big strong team. Coritiba, as a colonial team, refused any agreement and so it happened that in March 1924 Clube Atlético Paranaense was founded as a result of a fusion between Internacional and América. Their club colours would be Black (Internacional) and Red (America). Coritiba never accepted the new formed club and it wouldn't take long before the two teams would meet in a pre-season championship. On 20 April 1924, Atlético won the first unofficial meeting with 2-0. The first official meeting was on June 8th that same year, this time for the Paraná State Championship. Coritiba took revenge and won the game by 6-3. Those two games were the start of a great rivalry.

    Atletico Paranaense

Name : Clube Atletico Paranaense
City : Curitiba (Brazil)
Colours : Red and Black
Founded : 1924
League : 2001
Other : Parana State Championship : 21x


Name : Coritiba FC
City : Curitiba (Brazil)
Colours : Green and White
Founded : 1909
League : 1985
Other : Parana State Championship : 32x
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