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    FAQ for Aris Saloniki - PAOK Saloniki

How do the PAOK and Aris fans call each other?

In PAOK-Aris matches the nickname for the Aris fans is 'worms' (because they would be sneaky, dirty etc.). Sometimes during matches PAOK fans throw chickens on the pitch and start yelling 'Eat the worms!!'. Aris fans call PAOK fans Gypsies or Turks because their ancesters were refugies from Minor Asia.

    FAQ for Aris Thessaloniki

What does the word 'Aris' mean ?

Aris is the ancient greek God of War.

    FAQ for PAOK Thessaloniki

Why is there an eagle in the PAOK club logo ?

The first PAOK (and AEK) fans were refugies from Minor Asia and Konstantinoupoli (Istanbul, Turkey) when these parts of turkey where Greek territory.

The letter 'K' in PAOK (and AEK) stands for Konstantinoupolis. Both teams PAOK and AEK share the same symbol, the double-head eagle which was the symbol of the Byzantine Empire and the city of Konstantinoupoli.

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