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    Arena da Baixada

Name : Arena da Baixada
Address : Rua Petit Carneiro, 57
Capacity : 32000
Record : 31.700 (2001)
Opened : 1999
Other : The official name of the stadium is Joaquim Americo Guimaraes. This was the name when it was built early 20th century when it was property of Internacional Club (one of the founders of Atletico some years later). However, it wasn't much of a stadium. Until 1986 just 6.000 uncomfortable places were available and therefore Atletico played all their important matches in the Couto Pereira staidum or in Pinheirão (a public stadium in the city of Curitiba). From 1986 to 1994 it was abandoned and in 1997 it was demolished. In 1999 the new stadium was inaugurated on the same ground.

    Couto Pereira

Name : Couto Pereira
Address : Rua Ubaldino do Amaral, 37
Capacity : 37000
Record : 65.943 (Atlético Paranaense - Flamengo, 1983)
Opened : 1932
Other : The stadium was founded as Belfort Duarte. Couto Pereira was the president of the club and he was responsible for the stadium being build. When he died in 1977, the stadium name was changed to Couto Pereira.
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