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America de Cali vs. Deportivo Cali
Cali, Colombia

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Rivals, The Offbeat Guide To The 92 League Clubs, is one of the best derby books available.

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Please let us know when you mention in your newspaper, magazine, fanzine etc.

Il Manifesto - Italy
The Italian newspaper Il Manifesto published an interview with the webmaster of few days before the derby between Genoa and Sampdoria.

The Times - England
This large English newspaper mentioned in a series of articles about some of the world's biggest derbies.

Il Secolo XIX - Italy
Days before the derby in Genoa, Itlaina newspaper Il Secolo XIX dedicated a whole page to the website.

Futbol+ - Azerbaidjan
In September 2005 Futbol+ dedicated an article to the ranking of Galatasaray - Fenerbahce on

Futbol+ - Azerbaidjan
The nr.1 football newspaper in Azerbaijan, mentioned in an article about the national derby between Kapaz and Neftci.

Voetbal International - The Netherlands
The nr.1 football magazine in The Netherlands, mentioned in an article about the local derby between Vitesse Arnhem and NEC Nijmegen. has also been mentioned in several Turkish sportspapers and on Turkish and Portuguese national television.

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