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PAOK fans are called Turks and Gypsies because they were refugies from Minor Asia and Constantinople when those were part of Greece (Byzantine Empire). They call the Aris fans 'Skoulikia' which means 'worms'. Until the 1960's Aris was the most popular club in the city but Aris faced many financial problems and when the league became professional the team wasn't very succesful. Despite this Aris kept a huge amount of fans but nowadays PAOK is the most popular club of the city. PAOK also has a large fanbase in Germany where a lot of Greeks, especially from Salonica and northern Greece, immigrated.

    Super 3

 Name  : Super 3
 Location  : Gate 3
 Founded  : 1988
There was a "civil war" among the Aris fans in the early 1980's but this stopped in 1988 when Super 3 was founded. Super 3 is now one of the best organized (and most violent) fangroups in Greece.

    Thyra 4

 Name  : Thyra 4
 Location  : Gate-4 and Gate-4a
 Founded  : 1966
Gate-4a is a smaller block but it's very passionate.
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