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Both clubs moved to a new stadium in 2003 because of the EURO2004 tournament.

    Estadio da Luz

Name : Estadio da Luz
Capacity : 65000
Opened : 2003
Other : The stadium of light is actually named after the neighbourhood it's in. The stadium is build for the 2004 European Championships and replaced the old Estadio Sport Lisboa e Benfica which was also better known as Estadio da Luz.

    Jose de Alvalade

Name : Jose de Alvalade
Capacity : 52000
Opened : 2003
Other : The stadium was built for the 2004 European Championships replacing the old Alvalade stadium which was in use since 1956. It was named after one of the first club presidents, Jose Holterman Roquette de Alvalade.
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