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    FAQ for Ajax - Feyenoord

How big is the chance of crowd trouble at these matches?

The away fans have to travel by train to the match (they can only buy a matchticket if they buy a trainticket). From the trainstation there is a kind of tunnel straight towards the away end. Both sets of fans are very well separted like this. If there is any trouble than it's most likely to be some troubles between the police and the home fans. Sometimes the ultras try to meet on non-matchdays and on places where you won't expect (like 'Beverwijk').

What is 'Beverwijk' ?

Beverwijk is a place near Amsterdam where riots took place between ajax and feyenoord fans in 1998. So called fans met each other in a field next to the highway. One Ajax fan got killed that day.

    FAQ for AFC Ajax Amsterdam

What's that red/black flag with the three white crosses?

It's the flag of the city of Amsterdam.

How do Ajax fans call Feijenoord fans ?

They call them 'Kakkerlakken' (cockroaches).

Why do you see Israelian flags at Ajax matches?

Ajax fans were called 'Joden' (yids/jews) by fans from other teams. The Ajax fans turned things round and started to call themselves 'Joden' too. They express that by using the Star of David as their symbol.

    FAQ for Feyenoord Rotterdam

How do Feijenoord fans call Ajax fans ?

They call them 'Joden' (Yids) because Ajax has some Jewish history, it isn't a Jewish club though. They are also called 'Neuzen' (Noses) because of the perception that Jewish people have big noses.

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