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AEK Athens vs. Olympiakos Piraeus
Athens, Greece

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The only serious city derby of the country is played in Zurich where FC Zurich and Grasshopper-Club fight for the city crown.

In Switzerland there is a big rivalry between the cities of Zurich and Basel. In the sixties the rivalry between FC Basel and FC Zurich was much bigger than between FC Basel and GC (in Switzerland nobody refers to them as "Grasshopper-Club") because FC Zurich and FC Basel were the top two teams who fought for the championship.

In the past ten years however the rivalry between GC and FC Basel has become bigger as for several years they have been fighting head-to-head for the championship. Besides that there were some incidents which made the rivalry between the two teams increase even more.

So in Basel it is a question of age, which of the two teams is seen as the biggest rival. Older people consider the FCZ as the biggest rival while younger people hate GC more. In Zurich it is also different for each person, the city rival or FC Basel.

The local derby in the region near Bern (Kantonsderby) is played between FC Thun and Young Boys.
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Switzerland title= Grasshoppers - FC Zurich  6.4
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