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    FAQ for Karsiyaka - Goztepe

I heared this derby holds a World Record ?

Yes, on 16 May 1981 there was a 2nd league match between Goztepe and Karsiyaka. It was the last week of the season and Karsiyaka was 1st. and Goztepe 2nd in the league table. 45.000 people were expected to attend the match but on the day of the match the Izmir Atatütk Stadium was filled with 80.000 people. This is still a World Record for a 2nd league match.

    FAQ for Karsiyaka SK

Why is the number 35,5 special for Karsiyaka fans?

Izmir’s license plate code is 35. The Karsiyaka supporters refuse to us it as according to them they are not from Izmir but from Karsiyaka, which is the big district of Izmir and this is where almost half of the inhabitants of Izmir live. Therefore they started to use their own number : 35,5. Some people even incrave this number into their license plate of their cars to represent Karsiyaka instead of Izmir.

    FAQ for Goztepe GK

No FAQ available for Goztepe

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