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Both Clubs have famous Ultra Groups. Sporting Lisbon has Juventude Leonina, Directivo Ultras XXI and Torcida verde. Benfica has
Diabos Vermelhos and No Name Boys as their main groups. The main rivalry is between Juventude
Leonina and No Name Boys.

    Diabos Vermelhos

 Name  : Diabos Vermelhos
 Founded  : 1982

    No Name Boys

 Name  : No Name Boys
 Founded  : 1992

    Juventude Leonina

 Name  : Juventude Leonina
 Location  : Superior Sul
 Founded  : 1976
In short they are called 'Juve Leo' which means 'Lion Youth'. Juventude Leonina was the first Ultras group to appear in Portugal. It was created by the sons of a former President.

    Directivo Ultras XXI

 Name  : Directivo Ultras XXI
 Location  : Superior Norte
 Founded  : 2002
An internal problem in Juventude Leonina resulted in the exit of hundreds of ultras giving foundation to another group called "Directivo Ultras XXI". Their aim is now to create more of an atmosphere in the North Stand of the Stadium. In the first year things were very difficult because Juve Leo members and Directivo Members were always fighting due to a rivalry between the two groups but now things seem to be calmed down.
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