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The Laziali represent the rich, right wing, suburban residents of Rome while the AS Roma fans represent an economically middle class group centralized within the city limits (political left). The biggest insult towards each other is to say that they are not really from Rome. Lazio fans call AS Roma fans the immigrants from the south of Italy while AS Roma fans say that Lazio fans are from the outskirts of the city.

    Commando Ultra Curva Sud (AS Roma Ultras)

 Name  : Commando Ultra Curva Sud (AS Roma Ultras)
 Location  : Curva Sud
 Founded  : 1977
Before 1977 the Curva Sud existed of many small fan groups. In 1977 these groups (Guerriglieri della Curva Sud, Pantere, Boys, Fossa dei Lupi) decided to stick together as Commando Ultra Curva Sud.

By the end of the nineties the Curva Sud was divided again by some issues like sharing one stadium with the enemy, political ideas etc. That situation changed at the start of the 1999/2000 season. The CUCS was then replaced by the AS Roma Ultras, formed by young guys and old people from CUCS.


 Name  : Irriducibili
 Location  : Curva Nord
 Founded  : 1987
Commandos Monteverde Lazio were the first organized group of Lazio's supporters (1971) in the Curva Sud.

In 1976 the Curva Sud groups decided to unite becoming the 'Eagles Supporters'. Three years later the 'Eagles Supporters' moved to the Curva Nord, later followed by all the other groups.

In 1987 another group entered the Curva Nord : The Irriducibili. They changed the way of supporting (introducing english oriented chants) which was in contrast with the, old style, Eagles Supporters. In 1992 the Irriducibili took over the leading role in the Curva Nord.
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