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 Derby Days - The Games We Love To Hate



Derby Days - The Games We Love To Hate



Dougie & Eddy Brimson



Headline Book Publishing Ltd







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Introduction :

A look at all the derby matches, tracing the history of the hostility and showing the story from both sides - United and City. Attention is paid not just to the famous derbies, like Liverpool versus Everton, but to less-publicized confrontations such as Exeter versus Plymouth.

Synopsis :

The local derby isn't just about football, it's about pride, and being able to hold your head up when you go to work on Monday morning, and knowing your lads are better than the other lot. Sadly, the opposite can also be true. The scum up the road can ruin your entire season in ninety gut-wrenching minutes. However, what happens on the pitch is only half the story...

Our verdict :

For those of you who think that the Old Firm, the Liverpool derby and Arsenal-Spurs are the only derby matches in Britain, read this book! It has stories from fans all over Britain. It will make you realize the importance of derby day. The match against your bitter rivals isn't just played in 90 minutes. It affect sthe ordinary day live of any football fan, at home, at work, everywhere.

The books learns you a bit about who hates who in Britain and it tells stories from the fans involved. Many stories have some hooligan part attached to it which makes it for me less interesting but it also tells you more about how deep some of these rivalries go. Great read!
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