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 Us V Them - Journeys to the World's Greatest Football Derbies



Us V Them - Journeys to the World's Greatest Football Derbies



Giles Goodhead



Penguin Books Ltd







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Introduction :

Englishman Giles Goodhead visited 8 of the most passionate football derbies in the world. He tells you about his experiences in Us v Them. Each chapter is dedicated to a derby. The visited derbies are Barcelona - Real Madrid, Sparta Prague - Slavia Prague, Glasgow Rangers - Celtic, Inter Milan - AC Milan, America - Chivas Guadelajara, Fenerbahce - Galatasaray, Boca Juniors - River Plate and Tottenham Hotspur - Arsenal.

Synopsis :

Travelling football fanatic Giles Goodhead drags a series of unsuspecting friends and family to experience eight of the world's most intense football derbies. From the noisiest (100,000 furious Barcelona fans simultaneously blowing whistles) to the scariest (trying to scalp a ticket in Istanbul), he describes the thrills of gate-crashing symbolically loaded grudge matches in cities split by football, including Glasgow, Milan, and Buenos Aires. Goodhead's adrenalin-soaked book is a modern commentary on tribalism around the globe.

Our verdict :

Giles Goodhead is a football fan who wrote a book and not a writer who wrote about football. This means you shouldn't expect fascinating stories from begin till end. This isn't the best written football book ever to say the least and it also isn't a guide to the world's best derbies. It's the story of someone who visted all these big matches. A good read. Nothing more nothing less.

Sometimes the stories can be a bit slow as Goodhead tells you where he got his dinner and how he arranged a place to stay. There's too much citytrip talk instead of football if you ask me. The football parts will get your imagination going though. Who doesn't want to visit matches like this?!

The title and synopsis made me think this would be my perfect football book but in the end it was a bit disappointing. Maybe this was because of the high expectations I had. I didn't struggle to read the entire book so if you're above average interested in football rivalries than you'll be fine. If you're looking for a must read football book than maybe you should look a bit further.
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