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 Futebol - The Brazillian Way of Life



Futebol - The Brazillian Way of Life



Alex Bellos










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Synopsis :

The following stories will guide you through Brazil :

- Brazilian players in the Faroe Islands.
- How Charles Miller brought the game to Brazil in 1894.
- The lost World Cup Final in 1950.
- How football changed the position in society for black people and indians.
- Garrincha.
- The city that build a stadium instead of a public market.
- How to play football if you don't have a pitch available?
- Football and religion.
- Player names and the infamous radio commentators.
- The biggest football tournament in the world : Pennaleao.
- Chairmen, politics, corruption.
- Why did Brazil lose the WorldCup Final in 1998 ?
- Socrates philosophy.

Our verdict :

A great book for everyone who wants to learn more about the passion for 'the beautiful game' in Brazil. Don't let anyone ever tell you it's just a game, it's much more, especially in Brazil! The book gives you a close look at the impact the game of football has had on the country and vice versa. By reading it you will learn more about Brazilian football and the Brazilian society as well. One of the best football books ever!
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