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 Heartfelt - Supping Bovril From the Devil's Cup



Heartfelt - Supping Bovril From the Devil's Cup



Aidan Smith



Birlinn Ltd






978 1 84158 422 5

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Synopsis :

You can change your house, your car, your political affiliations and even your partner, but your football team is one of life's constants, right? Wrong. What if you were to change sides, sleep with the enemy, sup Bovril from the devil's cup? A lifelong Hibs fan takes on the challenge that TV's Faking It and Wifeswap were too scared to even contemplate - he tries to follow hated Edinburgh rivals Hearts for the entire 2004-05 season.

Convinced that Hibs are from Mars and Hearts are from Uranus, Aidan Smith embarks on the seemingly straightforward task of proving that Hibs are superior in every department - passing game, pies, cultural references, and the view beyond the stands when games are rubbish. And, at first, looking at the world thorugh maroon-tinted specs shocks him.

Then, as his old friends desert him and he gains new ones, Dr Hibby starts to experience difficulty in turning back from Mr Jambo. Why isn't the green potion working anymore? ...

Our verdict :

Take one die-hard Hibs fan, give him a season-ticket for local rivals Hearts and let him write a book about his experiences. A very original concept for a book it is!

Heartfelt is a great story about the two Edinburgh clubs, about Aidan Smith and about the way people look at their rivals. Is there life without your football club? How's life when sleeping with the enemy?
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