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 Flying with the Owls Crime Squad



Flying with the Owls Crime Squad



Paul Allen & Douglas Naylor



John Blake







Rating  : 

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Synopsis :

This book charts the highs and lows of following Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, and being a member of its hooligan element, the Owls Crime Squad.

From the Author :
I wrote this book get a message across. Books have been written about Sheffield United's hooligan groups, and references to Wednesday have rarely been complimentary. This book seeks to give our side of a story, which, until now, has been all one sided. Its not all pretty reading, and I can readily accept our failings. We are human, and certainly no 'super-firm'.

Our verdict :

One of the better books in this genre. It's a realistic view on what it used to be like to be a member of the Owls Crime Squad.
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