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 For the Claret and Blue



For the Claret and Blue



Micky Smith



Blake Publishing







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Synopsis :

In 1964, when footballing legend Bobby Moore held the FA Cup aloft for West Ham, Micky Smith was in the crowd, experiencing the unique thrill of seing his club emerge victorious. In 1967, when Man United came to the East End, Micky was there and witnessed the birth of the football hooligan. In this book, Micky Smith recalls tales from both his life as a Hammers fan and also draws on the experiences of other dedicated fans to produce a unique memoir recalling the agony and ecstasy of being part of the East End's most faithful following.

Our verdict :

A hammers fan who moved to Australia tells about the things he experienced while following his beloved club during the old days.

Personally I found this a bit too much writing about 'everything was better in the past', ICF Hooligan stuff and 'we are the most loyal fans'.

The book is probably more fun to read when you are a very dedicated West Ham fan who just missed out on those good old days or who was there and wants to relive those memories.

Something for the West Ham fans. For the Claret and Blue.
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