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 Fields of Dreams - Grounds that football forgot but the fans never will



Fields of Dreams - Grounds that football forgot but the fans never will



Chris Arnot



Step Beach Press







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Synopsis :

The football business glitters with international stars and stunning stadia while many a football club has become just another sponsored brand in a global economy.

But the loyalty of long-term fans was nurtured on crumbling terraces and in rickety stands that reared up from red-brick streets. They put up with discomfort, questionable safety standards, verbal and sometimes physical threats, watery bovril and pungently primitive toilets. Why? For the camaraderie forged by a common cause; the moments of magic that transformed a humdrum Saturday afternoon or a chilly, floodlit evening; the unlikely victories against seemingly impregnable opponents; the chance to say "I was there".

"Fields of Dreams" is a book that goes in search of those moments, those memories from Maine Road and Highbury, The Baseball Ground and the Goldstone Ground, The Dell and The Den and many more.

Chris Arnot travels from the South coast to Wearside, from Cardiff Bay to the humber estuary to tease out the tales of 25 grounds that football forgot but the fans never have and never will.

Our verdict :

This book includes some great stories from fans who have never forgotten their beloved stadium where they used to watch their club make history. It comes with some very nice photography which makes it a great trip down to memory lane. Recommended for those who love the good old English stadiums. The stadiums might be gone but the memories are all still there. Read them in this pure football book.
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