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 Voices of the Old Firm



Voices of the Old Firm



Stephen Walsh



Mainstream Publishing







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Introduction :

This 2005 revised and updated edition (first published in 1995) of Stephen Walsh's Voices of the Old Firm tells the history of Rangers and Celtic in the words of those who can say, 'I was there.' By interviewing players, managers and, above all, supporters of the great Glasgow clubs, Stephen Walsh has built up a unique picture of 60 years of football and football culture in the city.

Synopsis :

Full of historical detail, the book surveys all the great moments since the war - the ups and downs, the triumphs and disasters. The voices which describe these events include some of the greatest players who have pulled on the green or the blue during the last 60 years. From Shaw and McPhail, through Greig and McNeill to those of more recent vintage, the players interviewed have vivid and unique stories to tell of encounters on the field. But, the book also focuses on the voices of those who have spent time on the terraces and in the stands. The book gives space to the ordinary supporters, and allows them to tell their stories of adventures at home and abroad, as they continue to follow their clubs with sometimes ridiculous levels of devotion. In their own words, they tell of great games of football

Our verdict :

A great book that makes you relive the ups and downs of Celtic and Rangers through the eyes of the fans who were there and the players who played the matches.

If you don't have a strong connection with one of the clubs than the chapters about the early days might be not too interesting but you'll learn a lot about the rivalry.

There's a chapter dedicated to the Old Firm rivalry and there's also a 1995-2005 chapter added to the latest edition of the book.

Only negative thing is that all the short quotes make it sometimes a bit hard to read.
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