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 Tottenham Massive



Tottenham Massive



Trevor Tanner



John Blake Publishing







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Synopsis :

There have been many books written about football's most uncompromising firms, but for years little has been revealed about one of the most secretive and ruthless of them all - Spurs. And for the last fifteen years the 'Tottenham Massive' have been nurtured and guided by one individual - Trevor Tanner. In his explosive first book, Tanner is brutally honest in his quest to set the record straight about the truth behind Spurs' formidable notoriety and the way in which they have succeeded in forcing themselves into the minds of all connected to football. His first-hand accounts tell of the brutal ten-year war with Spurs' most hated rivals Chelsea, his mission to command respect for his firm, often at the expense of his own freedom, and his most bitter battle; that securing custody of his beloved daughter.

Our verdict :

After a brief introducting off himself (and many pics of himself), Trevor Tanner starts to describe various events that have taken place involving the Spurs firm against other firms. It involves fights against police, firms of other Premier League clubs, but also firms from lower league clubs and clubs from Europe. The book gives an inside view of what goes on within a firm, how confrontations are either arranged or develop spontaniously. But it definitely shows that firm-members look forward to Spurs matches with different anticipations compared to the 'ordinary' supporters...
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