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 The Rivals, Blackburn v. Burnley



The Rivals, Blackburn v. Burnley



Mike Holgate



Tempus Publishing







Rating  : 

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Synopsis :

Arguably the greatest rivalry in the game, Blackburn Rovers and Burnley have struggled for supremacy since the formative years of football. The two Lancastrian giants have enjoyed many a tussle over the years, thirty-six of which are chronicled in this superb illustrated history.

Founder members of the League, the rivalry commenced in 1882 and, since then, the fixture has had more twists and turns than the murky canal which winds its way between the two mill towns.

Local hat-trick heroes, epic cup clashes, promotion ambitions and relegation struggles are all here, interwoven with a wide variety of statistical information. There are also profiles of an elite band of players who have represented both clubs, and a 'dream derby' side - the author's personal choice of the most legendary footballers to have starred for the old foes, which will doubtless fuel debate among the knowledgeable soccer supporters of East Lancashire.

Our verdict :

Blackburn and Burnley didn't meet that often but that doesn't mean the rivalry shouldn't be among the most fierce in the country. Reason enough for Mike Holgate to dedicate a book to the East Lancashire derby.

The book covers all official matches these two clubs have played against each other. They are described in the first 4 chapters : 'Hat-trick Heroes', 'Cup Clashes', 'Derby Doubles' (players who played for both clubs) and 'League Tussles'.

Nice addition are the two chapters covering the Blackburn and Burnley Dream Teams, a good way to learn more about the great players of both teams. And of course there's a chapter including all statistical information concerning this great derby.
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